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Market Intelligence & Entry Strategy

India is an emerging economy with a huge potential for consumer and industrial products. However, doing business in India comes with its challenges. We offer market intelligence gathering services that are incisive and specific to the product category. Our team conducts primary and secondary research spanning different regions of the country and provides firsthand information. Our study covers all aspects of the product including competition, infrastructure, commercials, government regulations, market trends, successes, and many other facets that a web research cannot reveal. The research conducted by us can help companies make a more informed decision.

Partner selection

Having a partner who is reputed, well qualified and with the right network can help companies to make their Indian venture a great success. We help companies identify the right partners for their products. We conduct a firsthand research of the partners and verify their background and credentials before we make any recommendation.

Business Representation

Companies who are trying to test the Indian waters cannot afford to have their offices and people physically in India. There are several situations wherein a physical presence can make all the difference. We offer business representation services wherein we take on the responsibility of being an official representative of the company and provide the much needed physical presence. We work with professional ethics and offer a transparent working module. We can provide a virtual office and a dedicated resource to capture all opportunities that come.

International Exhibitions - Branding & Business development

One of the best ways to attract partners and customers is to participate in product specific international level exhibitions in India. Participating in exhibitions is a costly experience if a company from Europe has to send its managers and employees all the way to India. We offer a complete solution to manage participation in exhibitions. Our team will study specific product requirement and provide direct representation for companies. This can bring down the cost of participating by over 70%, while achieving the set objectives. Post exhibition we will take the responsibility of follow-up with the enquiries and ensure faster closure of deals.


Company specific service

At times companies may need services that are unique and specific to their needs. We have the presence and network in India to offer such services. Once we understand the requirement our team will come back with a proposal.


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